Health food stores and organic food

Our shop is a place where you will find the widest selection of organic food and health food products in the region. A healthy diet is not only our job but also a passion, so we are very glad to help you with selection of organic food and products that can be found in our shop. With a comprehensive portfolio of products from us comes to your vegetarian, vegan, but also a man who tries to live a healthier start. We can advise and processing in our purchased food will tell you fit recipes and pass on to you our many years of experience.

Quality service and customer care

The food choices will help you based on our own experience. Your satisfaction is our priority.

We support the main domestic producers

For quality there is no need to travel far. Quality of organic food can also be found in Slovakia. Their advantage is freshness and Slovak production from raw materials.

We can help you with selecting the right product for you

It does not matter whether you know anything about organic food and healthy food products or not. We can help you with the selection of specific products just for you and your needs.

We prefer quality over price

If something really worthwhile to save, so it's your health. It's a matter of fact no one bought for money. That is why it is important to us the quality and origin of the food, not the price.

Opening hours: Po – Ne: 10:00 – 19:00
Telephone: 0910 810 020
Store number: 211a